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1. Topographical Survey for the Preparation of Drainage Master Plan of Ghatal, West Bengal.

2. Field Investigation such as Topographical, Demographical Survey & Geotechnical Investigation & GIS for Intercepting Sewer along Najafgarh Drain

3. Topographical Survey for Water Availability Study for 5 nos Thermal Power Plant of DVC, West Bengal.

4. Alignment (Topographical) Survey for Alternate Water Source for IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal.

5. Topographic Survey of Bari Brahmana and Kartholi Industrial Estate in Jammu

6. Detailed Survey including Preparation of Route Profile Drawing and Soil Testing of Proposed 132 KV D/C Birsingha-Chandrakona Road Transmission Line

7. Topographic Survey of Burhi Gandak-Bagmati Command Package I(a) for Irrigation Studies of Command Area in Indian Territory through Sapta Kosi High dam Multipurpose Project.

8. Topographic Survey for Malari - Jhelam Hydroelectric Project

9. Detailed Survey for 132 KV D/C Underground and Overhead Transmission Line from New Town AA-III to Proposed 132/33 KV Salt Lake Gas Insulated Sub-Station in the District of 24- Parganas (North)

10. Topographic Survey for Water Distribution Project in Sierra Leonne Africa

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