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Underground Utility Mapping


1. Topographical Survey including UG Utilities detection & Geotechnical Investigation for Preparation DFR for future pipeline form Jhagadia & Ankleshwar facilities to Gulf of Khambat, Gujarat.

2. GPR survey Work at Tallah ROB Project at Kolkata, WB

3. GPR survey Work at Maniktala More in Kolkata

4. Survey and Underground Mapping Works of SGP Track, SAIL, Rourkela Steel Plant. 

5. Topographical Survey & UG Services Scanning Works -Part-A for setting up 500 KTA PDH–PP Unit at Usar of M/s. Gail (India) Limited.

6. Underground Utility Mapping using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) at Jassore Road, Kolkata.

7. Topographical Survey and Underground Scanning workd for Catalytic De-waxing Unit II at Haldia Refiner

8. Surveying of Underground utilities in Factory area, East colony & West Colony of RWF, Yelahanka, Bangalore,Karnataka, 

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